Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She Pushes My Buttons

Little One pushes my buttons. (Yes, I realize this is mentioned in the title.)
If you are the parent to a little girl you probably know what I mean. Little One (age 6) went back school yesterday after a VERY long week of Spring Break.  I don’t know if it was a combination of getting back into routine or tiredness or “just one of those days” that caused the meltdown, but whatever is what need be avoided at all costs next time. 
Little One and I enter the house to find both puppies out of their pen, toilet paper everywhere, pee and poop on the new carpet. I'm thrilled already to be home. Little One sweetly helped me walk the puppies and clean up the mess. She finshed her Netflix movie in the living room. She started to complain about what was for dinner, but stopped when she realized it was a losing battle.
After dinner, Russ and I started the dishes. The new puppies were quietly chewing on their new bones (as opposed to my computer cord YAY!), so I asked Little One to go play in her room. She just stood there, staring blankly. I repeated myself. “Go play in your room for a little while…” Russ interrupted with “…Or outside since it’s so nice out.” She again just stood there. –Side note: I HATE SILENCE and being IGNORED.
After continuing to blatantly ignore us, she went to time out. When she got out of time out, she started back talking with the “I don’t know what to play with” rant. We went in her room and pointed at the Barbies and their house, her books, dolls, games, etc…”Look around, there is plenty to do.”  I say. “I have too much stuff” she responds, still whining. I’m over it now. As I walk out of her room I offer to remove some of the toys since “there are too many”. She shrugs. So I remove the Barbies, the “art” box, her Polly Pockets, and her Leapster. She cried as I put the stuff in my room. I told her she could think about the stuff I took away and how she we could give it to a little girl who would enjoy playing with it. I went back to the kitchen to finish the dishes; she stood sniffling at my door (next to the kitchen).
Russ sat down next to her feet. He calmly explained why she lost her things and how she can’t act like she was. Then he told her how she could earn her stuff back. Little One ended up continuing to whine and complain, which resulted in a super fast shower and early bedtime. She stopped crying during her shower, but then started back up when she realized she really did have to go to bed early.  She screamed in her bed, called my name at least 30 times. I wanted to rip out my hair, and hers.
She finally calmed down when I told her I was walking with Russ to the mailbox to drop in the Netflix. I asked her to keep her door shut to keep the puppies out of her room, while we were outside. She whimpered an “okay”.  I kissed her head and promised to check on her when I walked back inside. He and I sat outside for about 15 minutes. When I went to check on her, she was asleep (Thank you God).
Why does this beautiful sleeping angel act like such a monster sometimes?

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