Friday, April 22, 2011

"Best" Days Pass, More Follow

Have you ever thought, “Man, this is the best day of my life.”?
I have, on more than one occasion. What’s nice about those “best days” is they really are THAT great. Those are the days that stick out in your mind, and they’re all the equally the “best” days in their own little life category.  
Of course there’s the day my daughter was born.  I had a fairly easy labor and delivery. I use the word “easy” gently because although I wanted to go home and “do it another day”, I wasn’t in labor more than five hours, and only pushed for a few minutes. Thus, I had a fairly “easy” labor.  This was considered the “best” days of my life because this little 7lb 7oz baby girl arrived bringing more joy and meaning to my life than I could have ever imagined. It’s the day “my” world, became “our” world.
The day I graduated from the university has to be in the “best day” category too.  I can’t explain how amazing it felt to sit next to my peers and wait for our turn to walk across the stage.  It’s like achieving V I C T O R Y with a huge capital V. I had done something big, and right. Something my daughter could be proud of.  Something I could be proud of. Little One wore her pretty light pink shirt with my school’s name across the front in navy blue. What a feeling to see her wave and holler when they called my name. At four and a half she might not have understood why it was such a big deal- but she sure understood it was worth jumping up and down cheering for!
Russell and I had our “Big Day” last June.  My Nana sang a song she wrote during the “Lighting of the Unity Candle”, I sang Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here” to my handsome groom, and my brother-in law Jason Masi (YOUTUBE:  Jubeus) sang “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain for our first dance.  My father’s childhood friend stepped in for the Father/Daughter dance to “Dance with My Father Again” by Luther Vandross.  My father passed away of cancer when I was two- so this song meant a lot to me.  Music played a huge role in our wedding, if you didn’t notice. Everything about the day (besides the DJ from hell-different post) was amazing, making it another “best day” to add to my list. 
We all have our good days and bad days. Sometimes as working parents we have multiple bad days that turn into “bad weeks”, better known as “weeks from hell”. Don’t worry SAHM’s I KNOW you must have “weeks from hell too”.  I have those crap days and bad weeks too, but this week wasn’t one of them, so I thought I’d write about some those happy days that stick out. J
What about you? Do you have more than one “best day of your life”?

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